Brightening Facials

Peel and Lift

Type: Dull / Devitalized

60 min. $95.00

The Radiance facial.  Peel away dull dead cells with a blend of fruit acids to reveal a brightened complexion.  The Lift is achieved with a vitamin C mask and lifting facial massage.  The skin is left smooth, radiant, and firmer with reduced pigmentation.  Instant results.

Catio Vital Facial (customized for devitalized skin)

Type: Dull / Devitalized

75 min. $85.00

The Clarifying facial. Using the unique catio vital machine and the beneficial effects of the heated mask, this tailor made facial deeply cleanses while treating your individual skin care concerns in depth.  The complexion is balanced, calm, radiant, and smooth.

Catio Lift ( customized for devitalized skin)

Type: Dull / Devitalized

75 min. $95.00

Improve tone and detoxify using the catio lift machine. This facial uses “Muscular Stimulation” to immediately lift and firm lax areas of the eyes, neck, and face.  The skin regains a more youthful firm appearance after just one treatment

Catio Deluxe

Type: All Skin Types

90 min. $120.00

Energy Cleanse + Energy Lift = Energy Lift Deluxe.  This facial leaves skin purified and oxygenated with eyes, neck and face visibly firm and toned with the use of micro-current.  Massage is performed using essential oils perfect for your specific concerns.   This is A-mazing!

Jeanine’s Pick

75 min. Price: Based on agreed upon services

Jeanine’s Pick – Jeanine will help determine which facial or treatment is best for you.  After a thorough consultation and analysis, she will determine the best course of treatment to address concerns. Your budget and time will be taken into consideration as well. 


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